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Comforters/Duvets/Quilts | Duka Group Textile

One of the indispensable parts of bedroom textile is the comforter. The comforters that allow us to sleep more comfortably in summer or winter, regardless of the season, vary according to the material produced. We spend an average of 7-9 hours of the day asleep. It is up to us to make this process quality with the sleep products we will prefer. It is very significant to choose the right comforters, which are essential aids of a healthy and quality sleep experience. It will be a good way for you to choose the right comforter by paying attention to the materials used in comforter production.

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Mattress Protector | Duka Group Textile

Would you like to reach the comfort and hygiene standards at the same time while sleeping? A mattress protector, which is used to prevent the mattress from getting dirty and the liquid from reaching the mattress for various reasons, is also known as an undersheet. The mattress protector is attached to the bed before the sheets are laid. Mattress Protector, which allow you to sleep in a more hygienic way with ease,  are also preferred due to their comfortable features.

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Pillow | Duka Group Textile

One of the most important choices of home textile products is pillow products. The pillow should be chosen correctly and carefully for a healthy spine and a good sleep. Pillows should be chosen according to the needs, not in terms of shape, but in accordance with the materials used in their production. In today's industrial conditions, unfortunately, there is a significant amount of chemical use in many home textile products, and you do not want your pillow to be a chemical emitting product that you put your head on all night. While using organic products to wash the sleep products you prefer, especially for your children, you cannot choose the products painted with chemical dyes for your children's health and your loved ones.

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