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Would you like to reach the comfort and hygiene standards at the same time while sleeping? A Mattress protector, which is used to prevent the mattress from getting dirty and the liquid from reaching the mattress for various reasons, is also known as an undersheet. The Mattress Protector is attached to the bed before the sheets are laid. Mattress Protector, which allow you to sleep in a more hygienic way with ease,  are also preferred due to their comfortable features.

Mattress Protector, which has high absorbent power, is one of the most preferred bed textile products, especially for families with children. Liquid-proof mattress covers provide full protection to your children's beds and provide them a sound sleep experience.

Mattress Protector Models

Of course, not all beds offer you the most comfortable experience directly. Some mattresses have hard surfaces; mattress texture may not always provide you with a good sleep due to seasonal differences. For instance; In summer, cotton fabrics will allow you to have a cooler sleep, while in winter, the wool surface will provide a warm and comfortable sleep experience. Surely, you cannot achieve this by changing your mattress at every period of the year. However, you can make your bed comfortable in all seasons by using suitable mattress protector models.

All you have to do is to purchase the wool mattress protector and cotton mattress protector products we offer for that. In this way, you can enjoy sleep on the most comfortable base by changing it according to seasonal conditions. If you wish, you can also choose from silicone fiber mattress protector types whose heat balance is at the optimum level every season, and you can sleep comfortably in all seasons with an average balance.

Mattress Protector models that we produce in accordance with every bed size and model extend your mattress's life and reduce maintenance costs to zero thanks to the mattress protector. With the cotton mattress protector model, you can prevent your sweating problem during your sleep by ensuring the airflow in your mattress in a healthy way.

Washing your mattress is very difficult, sometimes impossible. However, washable mattress protectors are extremely practical and keep your mattress in the form of the first day for a long time. In addition, you can eliminate the need to change your worn and hard-floored mattresses with undersheets. Generally known with the quilted mattress-up model, the mattress sheet types, thanks to their filled texture, bring your mattress to a different level of softness and provide you with the best experience.

If you want a healthy sleep on a soft mattress, choose mattress protectors that can be used with any bed. Double and single mattress protector types can be easily attached to any bed thanks to the bands next to them. The material information in our undersheet models is as follows;

  Cover Inner Filling
Wool Mattress Protector 100% Cotton 100% Wool
50% Wool + 50% Silicone Fiber
Cotton Mattress Protector 100% Cotton 100% Cotton
50% Cotton + 50% Silicone Fiber
Silicone Fiber Mattress Protector 100% Cotton 100% Silicone Fiber
Liquid Proof Mattress Protector 100% Cotton 100% Polyurethane


Mattress Protector Prices

Mattress Protector prices vary according to the material used. All of the products produced by Duka Grup Textile are nature and human-friendly products. While we offer you a good sleep experience, we also care about your health. While doing so, we choose the production materials from organic and natural products at the highest possible level, so we produce without harming our nature. You can purchase our products at any time by contacting us. We offer you service both for commercial and individual purchases. We offer you the most affordable undersheet prices at the highest quality standards. You can contact us to have a comfortable and healthy sleep experience.