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One of the indispensable parts of bedroom textile is the comforter. The comforters that allow us to sleep more comfortably in summer or winter, regardless of the season, vary according to the material produced. We spend an average of 7-9 hours of the day asleep. It is up to us to make this process quality with the sleep products we will prefer. It is very significant to choose the right comforters, which are essential aids of a healthy and quality sleep experience. It will be a good way for you to choose the right comforter by paying attention to the materials used in comforter production.

Comforter Models

We ensure the comforters we produce meet the highest standards to provide you with quality sleep. We present many different comforter models to your liking that will provide the body temperature you need while breathing during sleep. Under our naturalness policy in production, we adopt sustainable industrial standards, offering you products that do not harm your health and nature.

You can have comforters that do not sweat, cold and do not harm your health in any way with the quality of Duka Group Textile.

Within the scope of our R&D studies, we are trying to optimize the products' standards by analyzing human needs and expectations. In this context, our priority is comforter models that are produced by using products closest to organic materials. We can easily say that even with synthetic comforters using materials such as silicon and fiber use, there is no risk in terms of health. We pay great attention to the materials we prefer, and we offer comforter models with quality standards that can be accepted all over the world for this.

We produce comforters that can show long-term satisfaction with our production standards that are above the standards adopted in America and European countries. While giving our comforter varieties their patterns and colors, we use organic and natural dye products, with no heavy chemicals. We prefer natural ones rather than imitations of materials such as cotton comforters, wool comforters, goose down comforters, and camel comforters, and we make the best choices for your health. The material information in our comforter models is as follows;

  Cover Inner Filling
Wool Comforter 100% Cotton 100% wool
Cotton Comforter 100% Cotton  100% Cotton
Bamboo Comforter 30% Bamboo + 70% Cotton 30% Bamboo + 70% Microgel Blend
Camel Feather Comforter 100% Cotton  100% Camel Feather
Linen Comforter 20% Linen + 80% Cotton 50% Linen + 50% Silicone Blend
Cashmere Comforter 100% Cotton 50% Cashmere + 50% Wool Blend
Goose Down Comforter 100% Cotton 100% Goose Down
Soy Fiber Comforter 100% Cotton 50% Soy fiber + 50% Microgel
Kapok Comforter 100% Cotton 50% Kapok + 50% Cotton
Tencel Comforter 100% Tencel 50%Tencel + 50% Microgel
Silicone Fiber Comforter 100% Cotton 100% Silicone Fiber
Weighted Blanket 100% Cotton 100% Micro Glass Beads
Microgel Fiber Comforter 100% Cotton 100% Microgel Fiber


The double comforters used to warm up in sleep in winter also make a strong impression in bedroom decoration with their gentle and full postures. Single duvets or children's comforters are also details that appeal to bedroom decoration like double comforter models. Bamboo comforters, cotton comforters, and goose down comforters are among the most preferred comforter models due to their naturalness and their lightness. Microfiber duvet eliminates the sweating problem by allowing the body to breathe during sleep. 

Comforter Prices

Comforter prices vary according to the material used in the comforter. Our most affordable comforter models offer a healthy and quality sleep. For a comfortable and healthy sleep experience, you can choose from our company's comforter types. We promise you 100% health and comfort far beyond that. You can get information about comforter prices by contacting us and order our comforters from all over the world in a short time.