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One of the most important choices of home textile products is pillow products. The pillow should be chosen correctly and carefully for a healthy spine and a good sleep. Pillows should be chosen according to the needs, not in terms of shape, but in accordance with the materials used in their production. In today's industrial conditions, unfortunately, there is a significant amount of chemical use in many home textile products, and you do not want your pillow to be a chemical emitting product that you put your head on all night. While using organic products to wash the sleep products you prefer, especially for your children, you cannot choose the products painted with chemical dyes for your children's health and your loved ones.

Pillow Models

All pillow models we will offer you, including synthetic textured pillows, are quality and environment-friendly products that do not have a negative effect on human health. Our pillows, which will serve you well throughout their lifecycle at zero waste standards, are soluble in nature and do not harm our world.

The pillow models we offer have different textures and filling materials. You can choose among wool pillows, cotton pillows, bamboo pillows, camel feather pillows, linen pillows, cashmere pillows, goose feather pillows, soy fiber pillows, micro gel fiber pillows, and pillow models with Visco technology developed by NASA for astronauts.

You can find 100% wool or cotton or mixed types of our pillow varieties. We offer you more comfortable pillow varieties by using blends such as linen-cotton, linen-silicone, bamboo-cotton, and bamboo-silicone. Like our pillow models' filling materials, their covers are obtained from products that do not harm your health and provide the best experience while ensuring a healthy sleep. The material information of our pillow models is as follows;

  Cover Inner Filling
Wool Pillow 100% Cotton 100% Wool
Cotton Pillow 100% Cotton 100% Cotton
Bamboo Pillow 35% Bamboo + 65% Cotton 50% Bamboo + 50% Microgel
Camel Feather Pillow 100% Cotton 100% Camel Feather
Linen Pillow 20% Linen + 80% Cotton 50% Linen + 50% Silicone
Cashmere Pillow 100% Cotton 50% Cashmere + 50% Wool
Goose Down Pillow 100% Cotton 100% Goose Down
Soy Fiber Pillow 100% Cotton 50% Soy Fiber + 50% Microgel
Kapok Pillow 100% Cotton 50% Kapok + 50% Cotton
Tencel Pillow 100% Tencel 50% Tencel + 50% Mikrojel
Visco Pillow 100% Cotton 100% Visco Sponge Particles
Silicone Fiber Pillow 100% Cotton 100% Silicone Fiber
Microgel Fiber Pillow 100% Cotton 100% Microgel Fiber


Pillow Features

Pillows, one of the important parts of bedroom textiles, differ according to their features. Pillows play many roles, from snoring problems to various body health. Wrong pillow selection brings many discomforts. Therefore, orthopedic pillows that support neck and spine health will be the right choice to relieve the complaints of those who constantly wake up tired and in pain. Visco pillows produced with space technology allow you to sleep comfortably by applying even pressure from the moment your head comes into contact with the pillow, as it is shaped by heat.  One of the trendy pillow models of recent times is goose down pillows. The Goose down pillow stands out with its hygroscopic feature.  It absorbs excess moisture and traps it inside. Therefore, it does not allow you to sweat at night. It is one of the most preferred pillows with cotton pillows for those who love naturalness. Cotton pillow features stand out with being used in all seasons. Bamboo pillows, on the other hand, give you sound sleep by giving a cool feeling, especially on hot summer days. If you want to get detailed information about other pillow features, you can contact us.

Pillow Prices

Sleeping pillows, which are one of the chief helpers of healthy and high-quality sleep, differ in prices depending on the texture and the quality of the filling material. The pillow price we will offer you will be the price level at which you will get the highest efficiency, considering the product quality standards. The prices of our pillows are extremely advantageous in quality conditions, and they will be able to meet the needs in the best conditions. You can contact us for affordable pillow models that care about your health.