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Sleep Group | Duka Group Textile

Sleep is one of the most important needs of the body to get rid of the fatigue and stress of our daily lives. Naturally, sleep group home textile products that will improve the quality of your sleeping process are also extremely important to meet this requirement in the best way possible. As with sleeping components such as pillows and comforters, you should choose the types of products that will give you the best experience in mattress products that increase the comfort of your bed. 


Peshtamal Group | Duka Group Textile

Peshtamal has been a part of Turkish bathroom culture since Ottoman times. However, today this product has a wide range of use thanks to its product range including beach Peshtamals, napkins, mini towels, and bathrobes. This textile product, whose history goes back to the Ottoman palaces, is a hydrophilic and extremely comfortable product developed for Ottoman Sultans. It is expressed that these products, which do not have any negative effects on health due to their soft texture and completely organic weaving features, turn bathing into a pleasure. Peshtamal, which is the first product that springs to mind when it comes to the Turkish bath, is traditionally produced by our company and exported to every corner of the world.


Towel Grup | Duka Group Textile

Our products, which we produce using modern towel production techniques, are made of natural materials. No heavy chemicals are used in any of the details of these products, including their colors and pattern designs. Our towel products, produced by adopting international standards, are produced in different sizes, pattern designs, and colors to meet different needs. Among the product types such as bath towels, beach towels, hand towels, foot towels, hair towels, and bathrobes, you can choose the ones that best suit your needs and use them safely.