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Bath & Beach Peshtamal Towel | Duka Group Textile

Peshtamal towels, which we produce by preserving their traditional style, add an authentic style to bathroom decorations while also revealing the beaches' elegance! Beach and bath towels are bath textile products that are widely used. Apart from these products' usual forms, an exceptional product group is a beach and bath peshtamal type. Peshtamal is a type of towel used in Turkish culture for the hammam, Turkish bath. Of course, different standards of the peshtamal can be spoken of used in Turkish baths. Our peshtamals have almost the same features as the ones used by the Sultans in Ottoman palaces. Our peshtamal models produced by natural methods are products with an incredibly soft texture, and their absorbency power is very high.

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Peshtamal/Fouta Bathrobe | Duka Group Textile

Make room in your bathroom for the peshtamals we produce while preserving traditional values! Bathrobes are one of the first bath textile products that come to mind when it comes to a bathroom. However, the fact that traditional bathrobes are heavy and too thick due to the texture is a feature not preferred by some people. Preferred by those who say "I am soaking in sweat wearing a bathrobe," and do not like heavy bathrobes, appreciated in value in recent years with lightweight and high-absorbency, peshtamal bathrobes are our most preferred bathroom textile products not only in Turkey but also by customers all over the world.

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Peshtamal/Fouta Kitchen & Hand Towels | Duka Group Textile

We present the napkins accompanying from table decoration to serving warm services with the most elegant designs.  Napkins, a type of cloth preferred for wiping hands in tables and bathrooms, have also started to be used in decorations nowadays. With the privilege of Duka Group Textile, we offer you napkin varieties which are also known as linen napkins and cotton napkins in the market.

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