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Bath & Beach Peshtamal Towel | Duka Group Textile

Peshtamal towels, which we produce by preserving their traditional style, add an authentic style to bathroom decorations while also revealing the beaches' elegance! Beach and bath towels are bath textile products that are widely used. Apart from these products' usual forms, an exceptional product group is a beach and bath peshtamal type. Peshtamal is a type of towel used in Turkish culture for the hammam, Turkish bath. Of course, different standards of the peshtamal can be spoken of used in Turkish baths. Our peshtamals have almost the same features as the ones used by the Sultans in Ottoman palaces. Our peshtamal models produced by natural methods are products with an incredibly soft texture, and their absorbency power is very high.

Peshtamal Models

Besides their high absorbency properties, the most critical feature separating peshtamals from towels is that these products are incredibly light. The common usage of peshtamal as beach towels is due to these features. Peshtamal towel models have almost no limit in their pattern and color diversification potential, making them one of the highly preferred products.

Of course, every product is produced in the best way in its original country. Peshtamal is a Turkish product, and the most accurate production techniques are performed in our country. As a company, we have a tendency to preserve the traditional features of peshtamals as we attach great importance to originality. In this scope, we produce 100% cotton. In addition to cotton peshtamal models, we can also weave using blended bamboo fabrics that are natural and have similar qualities to cotton; thus, we can offer you extremely healthy products.

If our customers demand, we can add a maximum of 10% polymer to the peshtamal yarn we weave. The reason we set the limit of 10% here is that it reduces natural softness. We care that our peshtamal towels maintain their authentic features, and we never compromise on certain features even if requested within this scope.

Peshtamal Prices

There is no limit to the pattern and colors of our peshtamal towel models. To our local and international customers, we can produce peshtamal in the standard, color, and design they desire and deliver them as soon as possible. Peshtamal towel prices vary according to the material used. You can contact us for information on wholesale price information and model differences of peshtamal towels and convey the standards of the products you want.