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Peshtamal/Fouta Bathrobe | Duka Group Textile

Make room in your bathroom for the peshtamals we produce while preserving traditional values! Bathrobes are one of the first bath textile products that come to mind when it comes to a bathroom. However, the fact that traditional bathrobes are heavy and too thick due to the texture is a feature not preferred by some people. Preferred by those who say "I am soaking in sweat wearing a bathrobe," and do not like heavy bathrobes, appreciated in recent years with lightweight and high-absorbency, peshtamal bathrobes are our most preferred bathroom textile products not only in Turkey but also by customers all over the world.

If you want to experience healthy dry off for yourself and your children and to be at least as absorbent as heavy bathrobes despite their light texture, the peshtamal bathrobe will be the right choice for you.

Peshtamal Bathrobe Models

Peshtamal bathrobe models are very healthy since they are produced entirely from natural materials. Peshtamal bathrobes allow you to experience the real feeling of relief after bathing with their light structure. The bathrobes that we diversify as women's peshtamal bathrobes, men's peshtamals, and children's peshtamals are made with a unique weaving technique developed for Ottoman Sultans. Peshtamal, which is much more absorbent than many fabrics with its unique yarn, is a popular bath textile product of recent years with its bathrobe form.

However, of course, it is not possible to easily access peshtamal bathrobes everywhere. Due to the world's best manufacturers of peshtamals taking place in Turkey because it is the birthplace of this product, you can find our products by accessing the local companies that bring conventional techniques together with modern production technologies as we do.

We produce our peshtamal bathrobes under the healthiest conditions for you, which have completely authentic features. We do not use chemicals in the yarns or dyes of our peshtamal bathrobes; we only use polymer yarn that does not exceed 10% is preferred. However, our priority method is to use 100% cotton or 30% bamboo, 70% cotton blend natural fiber yarn. We can produce in the conditions that are according to the preference of our customers.

Peshtamal Bathrobe Prices

Peshtamal bathrobe prices that accompany the pleasure after bathing varies according to the material used. Peshtamal bathrobe prices are at extremely affordable levels when compared to the best production techniques of our company. It is one of the rarest products of Turkish textile and is a very affordable product compared to the price and quality of the peshtamal bathrobe manufactured with traditional methods. The product, which has many alternatives in color and pattern, is manufactured by our company in the most appropriate way to western standards.

Our authentic products such as peshtamal bathrobes are highly preferred by the American, European and Japanese markets. Our productions that fully comply and even exceed these countries' quality standards are preferred by the whole world, in particular.

You can contact us to access our bathrobes, peshtamals, and other home textile products. We manufacture special conditions for you and deliver as soon as possible. Duka Group Textile is at your service so that you can reach the unique products of the world under the most suitable conditions.