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Peshtamal/Fouta Kitchen & Hand Towels | Duka Group Textile

We present the napkins accompanying from table decoration to serving warm services with the most elegant designs.  Napkins, a type of cloth preferred for wiping hands in tables and bathrooms, have also started to be used in decorations nowadays. With the privilege of Duka Group Textile, we offer you napkin varieties which are also known as linen napkins and cotton napkins in the market.

Peshkir (napkin); It is a home textile product that has an extremely important place in Turkish culture. We now present the napkin to the world, which we have used in our kitchens for hundreds of years. Our napkins and mini towels, which are highly demanded by the American and Japanese markets, are produced using the same weaving technique as bath and beach peshtamals and offer a unique texture with the same absorbency properties.

Kitchen and bathroom hygiene is extremely important in Turkish culture. In this respect, the use of napkins is standard. Napkin models can be washed and used for months, even years, due to the material they are produced with and do not harm human health and nature. In these days, where paper towels are used extensively, you can contribute to nature by meeting some basic cleaning needs with reliable products. You can protect your health and cause minimum harm to nature by choosing organic mini towel models that can be easily cleaned and repeatedly used as they do not contain synthetic and chemicals.

Napkin Models

Cotton napkins, also known as towels woven with cotton yarn, are preferred for hand drying in many areas, from table decorations to kitchens.

Our company uses techniques that do not harm nature in the production of napkins and mini towel models. For this reason, we adopt the materials from which napkins are produced as natural raw materials. In our productions, where we use natural ingredients such as cotton and bamboo, we do not use cheap chemical dyes but colorants that do not harm nature and human health. In this way, you can safely use our napkins and mini towels for your whole family, including babies.

Although our napkin and mini towel productions may be limited in number, we are able to offer a special planning basis for our customers who will make bulk purchases. For this, it will be enough to contact us. We produce and present the napkins in the standards, colors, and patterns you demand as soon as possible.

Our napkins and mini towels meet all conditions in terms of health standards and international customs rules. Our products' standards are above the technical standards valid in the most developed countries of the world. Since such products are expected to be safe in terms of health, we can easily state that the products offered by Duka Group Textile exceedingly meet all the requirements.

Napkin Prices

Napkin prices and mini towel prices vary according to the materials used and sizes. You can contact our team immediately for affordable napkins and your mini towel needs. For all your home textile and especially peshtamal needs, we will offer you the best products under the most suitable conditions. Duka Group Textile produces the world's most unique products for you under the most suitable conditions. You can contact us now to have healthy and useful products.