Turkish Cotton vs Egyptian Cotton Towels | Duka Grup Tekstil

Turkish Cotton vs Egyptian Cotton Towels | Duka Grup Tekstil

Turkish Cotton vs Egyptian Cotton Towels.

What makes Turkish Cotton Special?

Turkish cotton is one of the most preferred kinds of cotton for bath towel sets. And there is a good reason for that.

Turkish cotton has long fiber and that makes it durable for long use. Moreover, the long fibers in Turkish cotton are extremely strong and attach completely. However, this doesn't make them less soft than Egyptian cotton. In fact, the more you use your towels made from Turkish cotton, the softer they get.

Another advantage of long fibers Turkish cotton has is the light nature they give to the towels. Whether you use it for your hair, body, or face, you can carry them everywhere easily.

Turkish cotton towels are absorbent and dry fast which is convenient with towels. You don’t have to wait to reuse them when you’re on vacation. This way, if you’re visiting a place for the first time, you can enjoy your home towels you trust.

What is Egyptian cotton?

Perhaps Egyptian cotton is most known and appreciated because they handpick it. When the cotton is handpicked, the cotton fibers stay intact and strong together. This makes the products such as towels and other bath towel set thick.

Egyptian cotton is already thick, so the towels may not be the perfect choice for your vacation suitcase since they take up more space than Turkish cotton towels. But they are absorbent and offer comfortable use.

Which cotton towels are best for you?

Both Turkish cotton and Egyptian cotton towels have their advantages. They both offer a high-quality bathroom experience wherever you are.

Turkish cotton towels are skin-friendly and absorb the water quickly. They are also very light and don't take up much space. They can squeeze easily into your luggage. If you fancy lightweight and thing towels, Turkish cotton towels are the perfect choices. Moreover, the fact that they are thin doesn’t mean they give a stiff feeling. Another advantage of Turkish cotton is with each using the material gets even softer. The high-quality cotton provides naturalness and comfy bathroom time.

Turkish Cotton vs Egyptian Cotton Towels.

The difference between Turkish cotton and Egyptian cotton

Though both kinds of cotton are of high-quality and the best in the world, they have a couple of differences.

  • Lightness

Turkish cotton is known for its easy-to-carry size and thickness. And the fact that its light doesn’t affect its absorbent texture much and offers you a dependable companion especially on the beach.

Egyptian cotton is thicker because its cotton fibers are puffier. This makes the towels absorbent but harder to carry around.

  • Softness

Towels made from synthetic fabrics tend to get stiffer in time. The cotton quality is thus essential for longer and more comfortable use. Turkish cotton gets softer with each washing and preserves the cotton fibers.

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