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Kitchen & Hand Towels | Duka Group Textile

We offer kitchen towels that we do not put away while cooking in the kitchen or washing dishes in their most exclusive forms. Especially cotton kitchen towels and bamboo kitchen towels are among the types of kitchen towels with high absorbent properties.

Although hand towels are used as kitchen towels, many people also use them in their bathrooms. Hand towel models, head towels, and foot towels, which are indispensable for bathroom textile, are manufactured with special techniques. Head towels preferred for hair drying after bathing have a light and soft texture. Foot towel models, on the other hand, are used to dry the feet after bathing and, at the same time, serve as a mat and exhibit a multi-purpose use.

We can meet the needs of hand/kitchen towels, foot towels, and head towels with high capacities. We can increase our densities starting from 360gr / m2 according to your preference and ensure that you reach the products with the quality standards and usage characteristics you want.

Towel Varieties

Our products, which we produce as hand towels, kitchen towels, foot towels, and head towels, are high-quality towels with high absorbency in yarn standards specific to this need. Thanks to the production technology we use, we can ensure our towel models quickly come off the band. In addition, we use natural materials as raw materials in our entire towel group, and we prefer natural products in processes such as coloring and patterning.

Since sustainability is extremely significant to us, it is our priority to bring out a commercially continuous demand in all towel groups we manufacture, regardless of hand/kitchen towel models, foot towel varieties, or head towels, and to be able to provide continuous supply without harming the nature.

By providing our customers and their customers with authentic towel types that they can offer with peace of mind, we prepare the right ground for them to achieve customer loyalty. Our company vision is all actors in the commercial processes get the best working experience, and surely, the users reach a high level of satisfaction while doing so.

Above Western standards, the quality of our towels and other home textile products is offered as modernized versions of traditional Turkish weaving techniques. Our company manufactures the vision of offering the best products to the whole world in the long term by supplying healthy and quality products, not on short-term plans.

You can get more detailed information by contacting us for the development and production of bathroom textile and kitchen textile products you need for domestic or foreign markets. Our team of experts will guide you to the development of the most suitable products for your needs, and the products will be manufactured and shipped to you in the fastest way possible.

Towel Prices

The colors and patterns of many towels such as hand towels, kitchen towels, foot towels, and head towels can also be adapted according to your preferences. We keep our standards at the highest possible level and ensure that you can reach qualified products in a short time at the most affordable towel prices.  You can contact us to get information about kitchen towel prices and hand towel prices. You can access the unique products of the Turkish textile industry with us and request our products with international standards from all over the world.