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Terry Bathrobes | Duka Group Textile

We combine your need to dry off with aesthetic designs. If you are looking for comfort and softness in the choice of bathrobes, as in every choice, Duka Group Textile's useful bathrobe models will answer your search in the most elegant way.

Duka Group Textile is a company that can meet your bathrobe needs with high capacities. Our company can offer bathrobes in quantities starting from 5.000 pieces per month at a density of 360 gr/m2. With the planning we will do together, it is possible to increase the density and production amount, and quality standards going back is beside the point.

Bathrobe Models

Bathrobe; It is one of the bathroom textile products that every home needs and is different from other products with specific features. First of all, because of the wearable properties of these products, their designs must be made very accurately. Otherwise, size problems and usefulness problems may arise. Similarly, the weaving of the bathrobes should be worked on uniquely. It is imperative that the yarn thickness and length of the bathrobe models, which should have the highest absorbency level, do not fall behind the specified density.

Cotton bathrobes compatible with bathroom decorations, help you dry off instantly after showering, thanks to their highly absorbent properties. Another choice of bathrobes for those who love natural details is bamboo bathrobes. Bamboo bathrobes are preferred for their light and delicate texture. It is one of the most preferred bathrobe models, especially for those tired of the hot weather of summer.

We have developed and continue to build our terry bathrobes to become more preferred and admired products in light of the field's data. We supply products in demand worldwide by developing products that will satisfy consumers in terms of texture sensitivity and design in men's bathrobes, women's bathrobes, and children's bathrobes.

We do not use heavy chemicals and synthetics in our terry bathrobe models' weaving, patterning, and coloring processes. By producing nature-friendly products with no adverse effects on human health, we benefit public health and our world. With these features, our products are widely preferred by western countries. Thanks to the standards we reached on the way we set off by saying health first; It can be defined as even ahead of western standards.

Bathrobe Prices

We can produce our bathrobes in different designs, colors, and patterns according to your demands. Bathrobe prices vary depending on the material used in its production and size differences. It is enough to contact us and get information from us to be informed about affordable towel robes. Within the scope of the agreement we will make for you, we can produce at high capacities and submit your order as soon as possible. Considering our products; The prices of bathrobes that will arise in the productions we will make for you should be regarded as extremely affordable costs, which we define as quality products that cannot be compared with any other product. Considering the price levels of Western countries, you can see our products as the most useful quality-price comparison. You can contact us at any time you desire for more details about our prices.