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Bath & Beach Towel | Duka Group Textile

We blend your needs with stylish textures. One of the indispensable bathroom textile products in every bathroom is bath towels. Adding an elegant detail to the decoration of your bathroom, cotton bath towels also offer a healthy drying experience thanks to their highly absorbent properties.

Beach towels, one of the most needed towel types on the beaches in summer, also exhibit a more aesthetic stance in terms of appearance. With the privilege of Duka Group Textile, we also offer beach towels that are specially produced to be durable in matters such as seawater, chlorine, and sand and to absorb water very quickly.

We Produce Exclusively For Your Brand

We can offer you a wide range of design and texture features of bath towel & beach towel products. We can produce bath towel models in the quality and color you want in a short time in high quantities. If you wish, we can weave your logo and brand name on our towels, and we can make an exclusive design towel for you.

We achieve results in the shortest possible time frame in your bulk orders, and we can deliver products anywhere in the world. Surely, at this point, we would like to underline that bath towels and beach towels are natural and human-friendly, just like all our other products. We use products colored with natural and human-friendly dyes in our color, pattern, and weaving techniques and offer long-lasting products that do not harm health.

Elegance from Bathroom to Beaches

Bath towels and beach towels are products that differ from each other at certain points in terms of standards. Weaving technique of beach towels; while it is made using short threads for more effective use in the outdoor environment, for instance in sandy areas, bath towels are manufactured as products with a softer texture with longer threads. In addition, while the pattern features are simpler in bathroom towel types, cheerful designs and colorful patterns can be used in beach towel models. Of course, it should be noted that the colors of beach towels are also chosen in accordance with the outdoor environment.

Towel Prices

As Duka Group Textile, we primarily adopt high-quality standards in all of our products. As long as we start from our minimum quality standards, we are able to offer you a variety of bath towels and beach towels at any standard. By contacting us, you can specify the features of the products you would like and request us to make a special production for you. Bath towel prices and beach towel prices vary according to the materials and sizes used. You can get information from us about affordable towels.

Our bath towel models and beach towel models that appeal to every taste are not the average products in the sector. The types of towels we offer to you are bathroom textile products that are designed and produced to be exported to foreign and western countries to certain standards. In this context, we offer the optimum level in terms of towel prices. We offer you products that you will achieve the highest efficiency within the benefit-cost curve and that you can achieve continuity by getting the best feedback from your customers.